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Acupuncture points are specific locations on the body which lie on the meridians or channels. These channels form an intricate network and are responsible for transporting Blood, Body fluids and Qi (energy or life force) throughout the whole body. The slightest physical, mental or emotional imbalance may cause blockages along the meridians which inturn inhibits the smooth circulation of Qi and Blood. Fine, sterile, disposable Acupuncture needles can be inserted into few of the many hundreds of acupuncture points to stimulate and facilitate the flow of Qi assisting to restore balance and harmony to the individual.

Acupuncture can treat a wide range of conditions and can also simply be used to increase energy levels, enhance immunity and to assist in the maintenance good health.

People are often surprised that acupuncture is generally pain free. Common sensations experienced include tingling, numbness or a heavy feeling around where the needle is inserted. However, for those that are afraid of needles there are other ways to stimulate these acupoints. Acupressure can be used which involves the application of pressure to the specific points usually with the fingers.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been practised and refined in China over thousands of years. It is a safe, natural and effective treatment method with very few side effects and can enhance organ function and stimulate the body ’s own healing mechanisms.

Plant, Mineral and Animal products with medicinal properties are selected according to the presenting problem. Although two people may both have a headache for example, the causes of each headache are most likely very different. Much thought and care is taken to create a Chinese Herbal formula tailored to each individual. In contrast to Western Medicine, herbs are not prescribed symptomatically, rather they are selected in conjunction with one another according to the nature and property of each particular herb, to effectively target the underlying causes of your discomfort or illness. A thorough consultation and diagnosis allows your practitioner to select a combination of herbs and to tailor a formula to your specific needs, treating the whole person rather than just the symptom.

Depending on your condition and personal requirements, Herbal Medicine may be recommended in conjunction with regular Acupuncture treatments. A combination of these treatments is often very successful and offers the quickest road to recovery.

Water-soluble granulated Chinese herbs, capsules, pilules or liquid herbs are a convenient solution and easy to take. All are easily absorbed into the body and are highly effective.

Always make sure that your Chinese herbal medicine practitioner does not use bi-products from endangered plant or animal species.


A Chinese Herb called Mugwort is burned and held over different areas of the body such as over the abdomen, back or acupoints and is sometimes placed directly on the skin. This technique helps to create warmth for treating cold or yang deficiency conditions and to restore the smooth circulation of Qi and Blood.


Cupping is a technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to facilitate the flow of Qi and Blood throughout the body. It can release stagnation, blockages and toxins, assist in pain reduction and promotes circulation.

A vacuum is created inside the glass cup through the use of a flame. It is then directly placed on skin, usually the back of the body, causing suction.


Guasha is a technique that involves continuous, gentle scraping of the skin on certain areas of the body with the smooth edge of a special tool. This helps to release Qi and blood stagnation along with toxins, which promotes circulation and reduces muscle tension.


Chinese Massage combines a number of techniques that are selected depending on the area or condition being treated.

Massage can be a very powerful treatment method. Massage can be used in combination with other techniques such as Acupuncture, Guasha, Cupping, and / or Moxibustion in order to help reduce pain, treat injuries, restore normal function, and promote Qi and Blood circulation. This can also assist in reducing stress and tension. promoting a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Lifestyle & Diet

Lifestyle and dietary and advice may be given to facilitate the healing process. Receiving treatment is only one way to assist you through your pathway to optimum health. It is also very important for you to understand how you can actively contribute to the healing process and being guided by your practitioner throughout this is a crucial part of a successful treatment.

Food contains many healing properties and in fact many Chinese Herbs are every day foods that are commonly consumed around the world particularly in China. Subtle dietary and lifestyle changes can be a great place to introduce change, assisting your body to regain optimum health and promote a feeling of well being.

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